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ROBOT LOVE is the fourth in a series of large-scale events realized by Ine Gevers and the Niet Normaal Foundation:  Niet Normaal (Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, 2009/10), Yes Naturally (Municipal Museum in The Hague, 2013) and Hacking Habitat (Prison Wolvenplein Utrecht, 2016).

Robot Love
Visiting Address
Apparatenfabriek – Strijp-S
Torenallee 34 (6th floor)
5617BD Eindhoven
The Netherland
T: +31 6 33091322

Features of the Niet Normaal exhibitions are:  offering an inclusive approach, providing a platform for diversity and bringing dominant myths into perspective. The goal is awareness and luring the public out of their comfort zone in an affirmative way. Not only individual visitors are inspired to look at their environment differently, also institutional boundaries are questioned. The events, artworks and interventions never remain within the presupposed frameworks. Artists such as Thomas Hirschhorn (Niet Normaal) and Peter Fend (Yes Naturally) make ‘dangerous art’. ‘Dangerous’ because they do not comply with prescribed symbolic or cultural laws but intervene directly in life itself.

The Niet Normaal Foundation is led by artistic director Ine Gevers. The foundation works with a small core of self-employed professionals in the preparation of projects after which the team fully unfolds, supported by interns and volunteers.

This website was created by Vincent Hoenderop and Jesper Kuilman, with special thanks to HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.