5 november 2017

Thursday 26 October 16:30 – 20:00, former V&D building

During the Inclusive Innovation Day, market-leading companies, startups, artists, experience experts and other end-users explore the human side of robotics. To answer the question whether and how people and robots may coexist and collaborate in the future, organizations and companies in the Brabant Robot Province would discuss these issues together. Our aim? To set the key topics around robotics in the region on the agenda. In 2018, ROBOT LOVE, together with partner FNV, organizes a conference on social innovation co-evolving with technological innovation. A major concern to us all. During the Inclusive Innovation Day with Brainport Eindhoven and Brabant C, we looked at this topic from various viewpoints. In round table discussions, speakers invite you to exchange views so that together we can determine the robotics and social innovation agenda for the coming years. With a closing word from Maarten Steinbuch, Professor TU Eindhoven.