manifestation 2018

ROBOT LOVE is the artistic translation of a widely held public debate on the rise of robots in our daily lives. The exponential growth of technology is cause for optimism, but also presents us with ethical dilemmas. Despite the tools at our disposal to be in contact with each other, a larger group of people feels lonelier than ever. Robots fill the gap in the demand for care, attention, love and sex.

ROBOT LOVE seduces the audience with a topical subject which many talk about and brings the theory into practice. Robotics and artificial intelligence will change our lives dramatically. ROBOT LOVE plays with the question: are we masters or will we be slaves? Will we outsource love and attention to robots? Or is artificial intelligence pushing us to ask ourselves: are we human? Are we rational machines, aimed at personal gain, or empathetic and social beings? Is attention scarce or will robotics and the internet-of-things enable us to evenly distribute love and generosity? Does the future promise austerity or abundance?

ROBOT LOVE explores what love can do in a context of robotics and artificial intelligence. Man and machine have been going hand in hand for millennia. Technology and machines offer ever new ways to externalize ourselves – cooking, language, agriculture, machinery, artificial intelligence – to increase our chances of survival. However, with the design of these new environments we design ourselves. Robot technology challenges us to think out about who we are and what we want to become.

In the fall of 2018 the ROBOT LOVE art and technology manifestation will be present on different platforms and venues in the city of Eindhoven. More about that at a later stage …