In October 2017 the Niet Normaal Foundation presents the ROBOT LOVE Living Lab for the World Design Event/Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. ROBOT LOVE Living Lab explores the relationship between humans and robots.

The Army of Love is a group of love soldiers, founded by Ingo Niermann, from the observation that the sexual revolution in the 60s did not lead to an equal distribution of love. There are major differences between people in high demand, and people barely seen. Love soldiers strive to ensure that love is available to everyone. Inclusion is paramount. The ROBOT LOVE Living Lab explores the relationship between humans and robots. With the Technological Universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente robots are programmed to learn from their interactions with humans. Ten days long visitors can practice in giving and receiving love.

A shelter for abandoned robots serves as a first step to entice passersby and consumers to join. They can practice how to build a mutual relationship with an unknown robot. Artists and coaches guide them on their way. The E.E.G Kiss by Hermen Maat shows the brainwaves of people when they kiss.

Saturday 21 October 16.00 – 17.00 O’CL
Lecture @ People’s Pavilion
In the People’s Paviljon on the Ketelhuisplein, Robot Love will provide an hour of interesting talks. The People’s Paviljon is a space that provides a programme submitted by the embassies during the entire Dutch Design Week.

The hour of Robot Love will focus on the question: Can Robots be a part of your love life? Artist Ingo Niermann of The Army of Love will lead the talk. Other speakers TBA. Director of the Dutch Design Week Martijn Paulen will open our Call for Cyborgs, a design competition for robots that will be presented/showcased at the Robot Love manifestation in 2018.

Sunday 22 October
Hackathon Jan de Coster @ V&D building
Jan de Coster starts his hackathon with a talk in our shelter for abandoned robots. Children can build new robots under his guidance. Click here for more information.

Monday 23 October 15.00 – 17.00 O’CL
Workshop cure and care @ V&D building
Artist Ingo Niermann of The Army of Love gives a workshop about love, the healing power of love and love encounters with robots. The topic will be discussed on a spiritual level.

Tuesday 24 October 16.00 O’CL
Lecture: Love Life by Ingo Niermann @ People’s Pavilion
Artist Ingo Niermann of The Army of Love will give a lecture about the meaning of a love life. It will be held at the Peolple’s Paviljon as part of the ongoing programme related to the embassies of the World Design Event.

Tuesday 24 October 16.00 O’CL
Lecture by Tobias Revell @ V&D building
Tobias Revell is part of Haunted Machines and one of the curators of the 2017 edition of Impakt, a contemporary media and technology festival in Utrecht, NL. The festival theme, HAUNTED MACHINES & WICKED PROBLEMS, seeks to address the entangled complexities of contemporary technologies and social and cultural change. The talk will focus on exploring narratives of myth, magic and haunting around technology. Click here for more information.

Wednesday 25 October
Interviews for documentary Love and Robots
The Army of Love is recording a documentary about the relationship between humans and robots. Most of which will be shot in San Bernardino, California USA, but the filmmakers will also film and interview people in the streets of Eindhoven on this day.

Wednesday 25 October, 14.00 O’CL
Q&A with the Grey @ V&D building
Seniors are full of life experience and advice about love. In this Q&A the public is given the opportunity to ask their questions about marriage, life and love.

Wednesday 25 October, 14.00 O’CL
Lecture: Robots in the Class room @ V&D building
In collaboration with Kunstbalie and Cultuurloper we will organize a lecture on the use of robots in the class room.

Wednesday 25 October
Lecture: Introduction to the army of Love @ Hubot – MediaMarkt
Artist Ingo Niermann of The Army of Love will give an introduction to the Army of Love at the MediaMarkt. During the Dutch Design Week, this building is home to Hubot, an employment agency for Robots. Their programme is called ‘Empowered by Robots’.

Thursday 26 October, 16.30 – 18.00 O’CL with drinks after
Inclusive innovation day @ V&D building
Join us for an informative and interactive meeting about the work relations between humans and robots. The meeting will start at 17.00 o’cl and features multiple speakers. You will be able to participate in the conversations yourself.

Friday 27 October
DEDA meeting @ V&D building
DEDA helps data analysts, project managers and policy makers to recognize ethical issues in data projects, data management and data policies. This day-long workshop will teach you everything you need to know about the different approaches to big data. Click here for more information on DEDA.

Friday 27 October, 16.00 – 17.30 O’CL with drinks after
Official launch Call for Cyborgs @ V&D building
We will launch our cyborg competition in collaboration with the Dutch Design Foundation and the Design Academy. Please check out our Call for Cyborgs for more information.

Sunday 29 October
Performance: Paul Segers
Artist Paul Segers will close off the Robot Love programme with his performance called ‘BULLET HEAD – SPECIAL SERVICES’.

At the very end of the hectic DDW and Robot Love Embassy, Bullet Head will deliver a two hour session of ‘special services’ for those in need. Get your bearings, move towards the future and don’t look back. Bullet Head will help you on the way using high tech systems and low tech instinct. Trust us. Truth, is a bargain.

Afterwards there will be drinks. Click here for more information on Paul Segers.