Robot Love is the artistic translation of a widely held public debate on the rise of robots in our daily lives. The exponential growth of technology is cause for optimism, but also presents us with ethical dilemmas. Despite the tools at our disposal to be in contact with each other, a larger group of people feels lonelier than ever. Robots fill the gap in the demand for care, attention, love and sex.

The mission of Robot Love is to generate attention for humanity in the midst of advancing algorithms and AI. Robot Love starts from an optimistic view; Robot Love embraces the arrival of robots and AI, because it also offers opportunities to become better people. At the same time, the less attractive consequences of these disruptive technologies are also being researched. Robot Love goes along with the positive welcome of robotics, but also uses the context to emphasize the human side. There is room for fascination, also for conflict, for vulnerability and especially for love. Robot Love does this by organizing a large-scale art event with an exhibition and a public program. In a publication experts give their take on the themes of Robot Love.

Robot Love
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Apparatenfabriek – Strijp-S
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