Robot Love is a large-scale expo experience as a sequel to the Robot Love Embassy as part of the World Design Event during Dutch Design Week 2017. No less than 63,000 people visited Robot Love at V&D in Eindhoven. This year, from September 15 to December 2, Robot Love will be settling in the Milkfactory at Campina in Eindhoven.

The exhibition features works from more than 50 international artists alongside an extensive public program: Frankenstein Symposium, All Inclusive Cyborg Catwalk, Inclusive Innovation Day, Prosthetic Party, Eindhoven Field Lab on Amnesic Intelligence, Drone shows and much more. Terra publishes a richly illustrated book, and there is an automated Robot Café.

Reach your target groups with Robot Love

Robot Love reaches a broad (inter)national group of visitors. The marketing communication is focused on content (topics), tone of voice and media use. Millenials, Cultural Omnivores and Day Trippers make up 80% of the target group, some 35,000 – 40,000 visitors. The more niche target groups consist of Art Lovers & Design Diciples and Tech Enthusiasts, together they make up 20% of the target group, 10,000 – 15,000 visitors. Robot Love offers organizations the opportunity to reach fitting target groups with events, branding, or communication.


Join in, hook up, and share your love for robots, AI, technology, design and art with your audience, customers or partners at the Robot Love Expo Experience. How? Pop-up spaces emerge in the Campina Milkfactory: the Robot café, conference hall, workshops, workshop rooms, terrace, catwalk and demo rooms. As a sponsoring partner you can borrow our spaces: for a short or a long time. An afternoon or a month, whichever you prefer. Call or email Brenda, and she will tell you all about Robot Love partnerships ( of +31 6 54718246)


Our sponsordeals:

Call or email Brenda
she will tell you all about the Robot Love partnerships: or +31 6 54718246.

most popular option

Love will keep us together

Invite employees or business relations for an afternoon program at Robot Love. Reception at the robot café with ‘kaffee und kuchen’ or ‘drinks & bites’, whatever you prefere. Then a guided Art Based Learning tour to the exhibition:  the topics that are important to your organization are the subject of conversation through the artworks. You can hold meetings, workshop or brainstorming in one of the pop-up rooms afterwards. (custom made program)

Give a little bit of your love to me

For a contribution of 500 euros you receive 10 tickets for the Robot Love Expo Experience and we will publish a logo & link to your organization’s website on our Robot Lovers website.

Crazy little thing called love

For a contribution of 1,000 euros we will write an article about your organization in relation to robotics and AI together with you. The article will be published on the website and will be included in the content marketing of Robot Love. Of course we will include a logo and link to your organization’s website.

Whole lotta love

Spend 2,500 euros on marketing communication aimed at one of the target groups that your organization wants to reach through Robot Love. Our content marketing is focused on topics, so why not have the activities of your organization be the subject of conversation? All content is supported by AdWords and ads within the Google display network.

I will always love you

Do you want to support Robot Love with 5.000 euros? We will love you forever! (If you promise to always love robots <wink>). Together we set up an event that your organization will score with. The public is already waiting! Our producer Janneke likes to think along with you about the possibilities.

Love me do

From  7.500 euros and up, you can organize a meeting or event together with partners in your field of business. Robot Love brings together like-minded organizations from the Brainport region. Topics such as technological innovation, mobility, health care, well-being, liveable cities are on the agenda here. By combining forces with robotics and AI as a binding factor, organizations benefit from each other’s knowledge and expertise. In our pop-up rooms everything is possible: recruiting technicians in a relaxed atmosphere, organizing creative sessions, or offering a special event for dealers, customers or other relations. Brenda & Janneke like to think along with you.

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