Robot Love is an interactive expo experience exploring the love between humans and robots. More than 60 artists, designers and scientists ask whether robots are capable of love. And, if you can love them. Wander through the special building and discover what you really feel and think about the influence of technology and innovation on our society. A large number of artworks were made specifically for Robot Love.

Can you share love with robots?
Who or what do you love in a world in which robotics and artificial intelligence are on the rise? Where man and machine increasingly merge with each other in everyday life.

Be surprised
Step into a world where walls literally come alive and where robots and avatars engage in conversation with you. Discover the countless possibilities that artificial intelligence offers and live, breathe and move with it.

You own the future
Should we be afraid of robots that behave like humans? Or rather for people who behave like robots? Re-invent society during this expo experience with countless events, and share your love, intelligence and awareness with others.

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