Robot Love is looking for volunteers for hospitality, catering, events and children’s activities. Come work in the close-knit team of the biggest expo experience of 2018 on robots!

Robot Love takes place at the latest hotspot of Eindhoven: the Campina Milk Factory. There is a large team of volunteers, because the event lasts no less than 10 weeks (from Sept. 15 to Dec. 2). Robot Love is organized by the ‘Not Normal Foundation’. The foundation has for many years been responsible for large-scale events on the cross-section of art, technology and society, always focused on accessibility and aimed at a wide audience. See the website of Niet Normaal Foundation for previous projects.

ROBOT LOVE. Can we learn from robots about love? It is a speculative question that makes us think about who we are and want to become. ROBOT LOVE welcomes robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), contributes to mutual awareness and activates our participation.   A broad audience is seduced by an environment in which everything lives, moves, breathes, and more. Organic doors, living walls and pillars, humanoid and android robots, augmented and virtual reality, holograms and avatars all demand that visitors respond to a rapidly changing environment. Because of our instinctive tendency to add human characteristics to everything around us, we automatically look for rapport with these newcomers- as we did with cars, sound systems and smartphones.


  • cashier
  • information desk / helpdesk employee
  • activity supervisor Crafts-Expo ROBOTS
  • recipient of guests
  • employee building team
  • technical specialist
  • attendant
  • parking attendant
  • staff member catering at the Robot Café
  • event employee (parties, conferences)
  • bartender
  • crew-catering employee

Doors are open to everyone. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. As a thank you for volunteering, you will receive an hourly allowance between € 2.50 and € 4.50, depending on your age, you will receive a t-shirt, food, drinks and a number of free entrance tickets for family / friends.

Do not hesitate and sign up! Or contact the volunteer coordinator if you have any questions, through

Robot in a bar
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