Saturday September 15 untill Sunday 2 December 2018

All-Inclusive Cyborg Catwalk

An important public program component of ROBOT LOVE is the All-Inclusive Cyborg Catwalk, consisting of a vanguard of people with brain-driven exoskeletons, robotic limbs, and sensory applications. Besides transgender people, cyborg couture, wearables, they show the world how fusion of biological and synthetic bodies has meaning for people and society.

Be(com)ing Cyborg can contribute to envision an inclusive society.

We are all cyborgs. In an age of advanced technology, it is not a question of whether to be or not to be cyborg, but to be or to become. We seem to live in a world in which enhance our bodies with filters, fitness and fillers, a world in which bodily alterations have become utterly mundane in the digital sphere. However, when technology allows us to actually and/or physically transcend the confined limits of our humanness, a feeling of alienation seems to triumph among the public.

What is considered normal? What constitutes a normative body? Who decides what is the so-called standard? Can we tear down socially constructed boundaries by unifying animals and humans, organisms and machines, and the physical and non-physical?

Be(com)ing Cyborg seeks to update our view on cyborgs and cyborgism, to blur the lines between human and machine, between the norm and the exception, and to propel discussion regarding a possible future in which all-inclusiveness prevails.

In a way, to be(come) cyborg is to signal and acknowledge the tremendous impact of technology on all of our everyday lives.

Expert jury members selected 15 makers who received artistic and financial support to make a proof of concept for the All-Inclusive Cyborg Catwalk.


  • Charlotte Bik
  • Camille Baker
  • Marco Donnarumma
  • Maison de Faux
  • Martijn Paulen
  • Anouk Wipprecht


  • Petra Ardai
  • Bartosz Seifert & Ieva Jakusa
  • Gill Baldwin
  • Marijn Souren


  • Joannette van der Veer
  • Ine Gevers


Robot Love Expo Experience
Campina Milkfactory
At: Kanaaldijk-Zuid/Hugo van der Goeslaan
5613 LE Eindhoven


Friday 14 September untill Sunday 2 December

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