All-Inclusive Cyborg Talks

The All-Inclusive Cyborg Talks are presented in the public program of ROBOT LOVE. The lectures and debates, looking at the phenomenon of cyborgism from different perspectives, deepen and sharpen the theme.
The talks take place during the Dutch Design Week 2018.

More or less abled with machines

chair: Brendan Vos

Many people with disabilities have been greatly helped by robot technology. Think of the smart walker or exoskeletons. Not only can we remove the ‘dis’ out of disability, it enables people to even become smarter/more mobile/increase their senses. But is it indeed a step forward for everyone? Smart domotics and the internet-of-things can significantly limit possibilities for self-determination. Even with accessible interfaces, social innovation as a counterpart is desperately needed to empower people. Reserving resources to invest in this is as much crucial as the technological innovation. With a.o. Linda vd Bedem, Bjorn Oddens.

Photo: Simone Giertz, Shitty Robots


Robot Love Expo Experience
Campina Milkfactory
At: Kanaaldijk-Zuid/Hugo van der Goeslaan
5613 LE Eindhoven


Thursday, October 25, 2018
9.30 ’till 11.00 a.m.

Doors open: 9.00

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