All-Inclusive Cyborg Talks

The All-Inclusive Cyborg Talks are presented in the public program of ROBOT LOVE. The lectures and debates, looking at the phenomenon of cyborgism from different perspectives, deepen and sharpen the theme.
The talks take place during the Dutch Design Week 2018.

Transparency vs Privacy

Chair: Danielle Arets
Data ethics is becoming increasingly important in fashion and wearables design. Yet the big picture appears to be shadowy when it comes to big data and surveillance capitalism. Large companies and governments have opportunities to circumvent new laws or to look for boundaries. Responding to the demand for transparency with loss of privacy as a result has unevenly burdened the (ex)citizen. Critically approaching technology bubbles remains necessary to generate awareness and seek protection together. With a.o. Disnovation, Richard Vijgen.

Photo: Disnovation, Predictive artbot


Robot Love Expo Experience
Campina Milkfactory
At: Kanaaldijk-Zuid/Hugo van der Goeslaan
5613 LE Eindhoven


Wednesday, October 24, 2018
9.30 ’till 11.00 a.m.

Doors open: 9.00

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