All-Inclusive Cyborg Talks

The All-Inclusive Cyborg Talks are presented in the public program of ROBOT LOVE. The lectures and debates, looking at the phenomenon of cyborgism from different perspectives, deepen and sharpen the theme.
The talks take place during the Dutch Design Week 2018.

Uniformity vs diversity

Chair: Danielle Arets
Technology offers many people the opportunity to participate in society. Technology as enabler of accessibility. The practice is different. The paradox of technology is that, despite the possibilities, the instrument is often used to control, manage, and homogenize society. Contact lists on smartphones consist for 95% of people looking like us. Algorithms still produce stereotypes, seemingly farfetched, but stubborn nonetheless. Conscious human feedback is needed to realize a digital society that is as diverse as real life. With a.o. Femke Snelting, Jennifer Kanary, Luis Lobo Guerrero.

Photo: Simone Niquille, root 0082 technoflesh


Robot Love Expo Experience
Campina Milkfactory
At: Kanaaldijk-Zuid/Hugo van der Goeslaan
5613 LE Eindhoven


Tuesday, October 23, 2018
9.30 ’till 11.00 a.m.

Doors open: 9.00

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