Food, design and happiness: this is the dinner experience that you don’t want to miss

During the GLOW light festival this year, we have a very special programme lined up for you. One of the events we’re hosting, or actually two, are very extraordinary dinners from food design studio ‘The Eatelier‘. And you can join the party! On the 16th and 17th of November.

We had a chat with Katinka Versendaal, food designer and the initiater of ‘The Eatelier‘, about robots in the culinary world and the research that she put into the food (or art) that you can come and experience at ROBOT LOVE.

You could’ve already met Katinka at our opening event in September, when she came in with her mobile appetizer bar: a concept called ‘Chef vs. Watson‘ in which you get a personalized appetizer made on top of your hand. The choice of ingredients is based on a combination of your taste and artificial intelligence. Well… Maybe it’s better to let Katinka explain it.

Want to read the full version of the article (which you should, because Katinka’s research is very interesting)? CLICK HERE for the full interview. In this blog, we give you little summary.

So, Katinka, what is Chef versus Watson?
“Chef versus Watson is a tastebar where we serve hand-amuses that the algorithm came up with as a result of your input. So our bar work as following; on the ‘menu’ that is placed on a big display next to our bar, you can find an ingredient combination which you find attractive or which supports your health goal. Order at the bar with the number of your preferred combination and we serve you a taste of the future!”

What will we see of artificial intelligence in the culinary world in the (near) future?
“In our view on the future of food, the consumer will start to regard food either as nurturing or dining foods. Nurturing foods will be foods that are customized, nutritious, cheap and readily available every day. Dining foods will focus on the social aspect of dining, together with delivering multisensory experiences with more exclusive or more heavily taxes ingredients such as products high in sugar or fat.”

You are coming back to ROBOT LOVE during ‘Glow’ in November. What will we be seeing of The Eatelier then?
“I am thrilled to join RobotLove again during Glow this year. My food design studio The Eatelier is teaming up once again creative chef PIPPENS. This time, we are experimenting with happiness, and how to cultivate it through food.”

“Around this subject there are a many questions we go into during the dinners, like; Why do we like certain foods? Will healthy food make us feel happier? If so, how can we make healthy foods taste better? If depression and anxiety can be a result of an unhealthy intestinal flora, how can we improve that? And why is chocolate so tasty and does it really make us happier?”

“By translating scientific research into the world of food, we will answer these questions and create an eye opening, educational and exciting dinner experience. We develop a 10 course dinner which will be served between 18.00 and 20.00 so you can do your tour to see the Glow installations after. And as a sneak-peak I can tell you that our Watson algorithm will definitely be incorporated in the dinner so you still get an opportunity to experiment with that too!”

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