KISSING DATA, 2018, interactive installation

‘Can we kiss online? Do we want to measure the intimacy of our kiss? And how does our kiss feel through EEG data?’ Together with the audience artist duo Lancel / Maat creates a ‘joint neuro feedback ritual’ for a new form of kissing. The audience is invited to kiss each other, where their brain activity is translated into a visual projection, and mirror neurons resonate in the perception of spectators. An algorithm translates the data into a soundscape for an immersive and poetic experience, a KISSING DATA symphony.
In KISSING DATA, Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat examine social emotions through intimate technologies. As artists, they design emotional processes for the public and participants. In their work they assume that we will communicate more and more in the near future by means of Brain Computer Interfaces, such as electro-encephalography (EEG).
(audio in collaboration with sound artist Tijs Ham)

Only during Dutch Design Week, from Saturday 20 October until Sunday 28 October.

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