Artifical Cinema, 2018, AI driven multimedia installation

Work commissioned by the Niet Normaal Foundation

This edition of Artificial Cinema was specially made for ROBOT LOVE and consists of two parts. It is the result of a group effort under the artistic direction of Sam Samiee and Mohammad Salemy. The first part is a selection of the most important (scenes from) science fiction films made by 100 artists and philosophers through a survey. Thereafter, the selection of scenes was left to an algorithm. The second part is a human reaction to these films, taking the shape of paintings. Samiee and Salemy hereby sketch a vision for painting in a post-cinema epoch and envision new futures in which man is no longer pivotal.

With contributions from Serminaz Barseghian, Razvan Hazeart, Pantea Rahmani, Francis Ruyter, Mohammad Salemy, Sam Samiee and Patrick Schabus.

Work in progress.

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