ROBOBALL, the official launch of ROBOT LOVE, dance like you’re in love with a robot

Immediately after the official opening of ROBOT LOVE, the party ROBOBALL will kick-off in the event hall of the Campina Melkfabriek. We do this in collaboration with GOGBOT, a festival that takes place this weekend in Enschede. GOGBOT challenges. To an opinion, an idea or a different view of the world. Their gaze, like ours, reaches beyond life, beyond the earth. GOGBOT is the showcase of the future, born from evolutionary thoughts. We both envisage that future in a constantly innovative shell of beautiful insanity. Doesn’t that sound like the ideal partner of ROBOT LOVE?

Roboball | Robot Love launch partyAll fierce god(desse)s, robots, mothers, fathers, cyborgs, kings and queens unite because we are having a ROBOBALL next Friday! ???14 sept / €10 incl. two drinks / buy your ticket NOWThé underground party in the old Milkfactory in Eindhoven. We give you: electronic music, freaky vibes, futuristic art and a hell of a show. Feel free to click, dip, spin and drop and go beyond the beaten track.Come walk with us. Roboball | Robot Love launch partyDresscode: Cyborg ChicWith: Modulab Eindhoven , ViaOral (live) Sander Chan, Butterslut, Cynthia Spiering and The C-MEN

Geplaatst door Robot Love op Donderdag 6 september 2018


Next Friday at ROBOBALL in Eindhoven, GOGBOT is in control and will share with us a fantastic line up of DJs and VJs. Modulab, ViralOral, Sander Chan, Cynthia Spiering, Butterslut and the C-MEN. The event hall will be transformed into an environment where Frankenstein and Hyperbrain feel at ease and where we can share love with robots. The drag queens, dragkings and dragbots of DayDayGay ensure us that we do not stand aside as robots with a defect, but will pop, lock, wave, house, wack and vogue. We didn’t dress cyborg chic for nothing… Robots with an attitude, until system failure do us part. What’s nice as well is that ROBOBALL already starts at 6 PM and will go on until 11 PM, and that afterwards we will spread robot love in Eindhoven.

ROBOBALL met Gogbot en DayDayGay

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