The magical entrance to Robot Love: Enter Aliveness, a reinvented door

A door that opens when you are standing in front of it. That sounds trivial, but in the work of Adams Ponnis it gives one a surprising and at the same time astonishing experience. It is as if a large tapestry with a spit in the middle, of which one corner bends itself forwards and the other one backwards, wants to swallow you up into an unknown space. This surprising entrance brings you into a different state of mind. The world as you know it will stay behind. The visitor is prone to a new experience, of the love between humans and robots. The space that has been entered is that of Robot Love. Enter Aliveness, is one of the first works in the expo experience, created by Adams Ponnis, who graduated last year with this special work at the Design Academy Eindhoven. For this interactive passage he was inspired by nature in order to create a harmonious interplay between the built and the natural environment. Although the skin-colored, moving mechanism is driven by an air compressor and is made of synthetic material, it is very organic. Instinctively we seek physical contact with the material while the living door opens up for us.

In an increasingly fluid and complex world, new relationships with nature need to be developed in architecture. Having a keen interest in mobility, Adams Ponnis researched ways to invite more gestures from nature into our homes: “I believe that implementing movements from nature in architecture can create more intimate relations and can create more aliveness in the interaction between human and building”. He also calls himself an interactive material, structure and product designer, who always dreamed of being an engineer but his mom put him into art school. His fascination is observing nature and he likes to bring his way of looking and experimenting into the field of design and architecture. He succeeded in this with the magical work Enter Aliveness, which will make the experience of entering Robot Love a memorable one.

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