GLOW is an annual light art festival in Eindhoven. During this week, the city of Eindhoven literally illuminates by means of numerous artworks. ROBOT LOVE also glows during this week thanks to multiple light artworks of a.o. Funda Gül Özcan, Emilio VavarellaArtificial Cinema, kondition pluriel, Lianne van Roekel and Lawrence Lek. Plan your visit to ROBOT LOVE during GLOW Eindhoven and discover what else there is to touch and see.

During the GLOW week
11am – 6pm
Eindhoven Brandstore & Robot Love, Campina Eindhoven

During GLOW Eindhoven, Astrobot by Edwin Dertien (University of Wageningen) and Stanislavs Semjonovs will be presented at the Eindhoven Brandstore (VVV Eindhoven). Astrobot is an open-source robot fortuneteller who can discover what the future holds for you in his luminous sphere. Have a seat and ask your most pressing questions to this enlightened spirit. In addition to Astrobot, a number of artworks using the medium of light will be highlighted in the Robot Love exhibition. Follow the GLOW route at the ROBOT LOVE expo and discover even more light artworks.

Visitors of Glow can get their Robot Love ticket for €10,- instead of €15,-. Order your ticket now:

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There’s been a change in the program: the diners and the seminar are cancelled.

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