Overwhelming interest for Robot Love

The last ten days of ROBOT LOVE are here. The success of the exhibition is great, the appreciation of visitors as well, culminating in the successful nine days during Dutch Design Week. But visitors are able to find us afterwards as well. The media are certainly helping with this with ample and generous coverage. We would like to highlight one of these, the blog post of Aart van Bezooijen on Core77.

It is quite something, an exhibition on a theme on which opinions are divided, in a place on the outskirts of Eindhoven’s inner city that is not known as a cultural place. But for visitors, we notice, that is one of the reasons to come to the exhibition and events. Another reason is their concerns of the questions: what about the love that we share with robots? Is that two-way traffic and if so, how? Through art and design, we ask questions and let visitors experience how this love is created and can continue to exist. There are no ready-made answers, but the reactions that some works evoke in the public range from unselfish love, affection, endearment to disgust, pity and indifference. Everyone experiences ROBOT LOVE in his or her own way. We do not come without our own personalities and experiences and we all see the world in our own way. What remains is a new experience with newcomers who, whether we like it or not, are part of our world. We people sometimes put our mutual relationship to the test or even destroy it. We now have the opportunity to build a lasting and loving relationship with those newcomers who take on different forms. With some of them we know how to manage and get along quite well. The smart fridge has been our friend for a while and the love for our smartphones also seems to be quite sealed, although sometimes the relationship is disturbed, just like in the analogue world. Love finally overcomes everything. Anyway, it will all be fine, also because we are actually present and do not have to stand aside.

Still not seen it? Curious about the amorphous forms of Bart Hess? The seemingly helpless robotic arm of Zoro Feigl? The android triplet of L.A. Raeven? The wonderful world of conditions pluriel? Not to mention the many other works that share love, such as the tourist of Margriet van Breevoort or Bob from her hand. The beautiful film by Hans Op de Beeck and so on and so on. Except on Monday, ROBOT LOVE can be visited until Sunday 2 December. See you there…


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