Robot-restaurant delivers freshly made meals

They wanted to put amazingly tasty food on the table for a reasonable price. Freshly made. And veggie-focused. Four men and their restaurant. To be clear their róbot restaurant. Not long ago they graduated from the MIT University of Technology in Boston. The men came up with ideas on how to use robotics to achieve their goal. And now restaurant Spyce in downtown Boston is a success.


“At first we thought that visitors came to eat only out of curiosity,” says co-owner Brady Knight. “But people especially value the quality.” Because the cooking robots not only compile the meals, but also prepare them, the quality is always the same. In a large ‘wall’ with revolving automatic wok pans, the meals are baked at exactly the right temperature. The staff in the restaurant stands in front of the baking wall, and not behind it. This allows them to talk to the customer while adding the toppings and serving the bowls.

Humans plays another important role: Michelin star chef Daniel Boulud got excited about the robot restaurant when he saw it in operation. He decided to assist the four culinary entrepreneurs with his knowledge and expertise. And so now Spyce prepares fresh meals for little money. The men are looking forward to growing and expanding their restaurant, they say.

The Robot Love Expo Experience has a Robot Café: local, fresh, healthy lunches, pastries and snacks are served through a 20-meter wall with vending machines. On 15 September the doors will open at the Kanaaldijk-Zuid in Eindhoven. See you then!


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