The future of fashion has already begun with inspiring hibernation – Maartje Dijkstra

Our media partner Creators (art & creativity by VICE) devoted good attention to Maartje Dijkstra with regard to the presentation of her work in the 2016 edition of the FutureFlux Festival in the Submarine Wharf in Rotterdam.

In ROBOT LOVE she presents her work Suspended Animation (a temporary state of sleep), an interactive design that is manually 3D printed and refers to the bizarre natural phenomenon ‘hibernation’. What does it make so appropriate to show this in ROBOT LOVE, is that it uses Shape Memory Alloy. Some parts of the printed black crystals and reflective structures of the dress move slowly up and down. It is rewarding to spending time in the separate room where the work is shown, the design slowly transforms.

The Dutch fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra works at the intersection of fashion, art and technology. She takes her inspiration from complex natural phenomena and hard electronic music, which she translates into unique craftwork techniques and extraordinary materials. The work Suspended Animation has been developed in close collaboration with music producer and programmer Beorn Lebenstedt (aka Newk). The work is part of section about attuned consciousness. Cyborgs are no longer science fiction. The cross-fertilization between man and machine has been taking place for decades. Yet we are not just a hybrid species in a physical sense. Our diet, habitat and the way in which we procreate or die also determines us. The future may offer new worlds in which we share our living environment with other types of beings. The question is whether we want to open ourselves to this. How can we live together in the future if science and technology shape us physically? Or when context determines our character? The developments, as shown with the work of Maartje Dijkstra contribute to the awareness of our consciousness.

Click here for more information about the work of Maartje Dijkstra at the expo experience ROBOT LOVE

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