16 March 2018

SENTIENT MACHINES is an artist-in-residence series that focusses on the relationship between technology and the human body. In 2018, Baltan Laboratories, together with Robot Love, invite artists to work on their project during their residency. As a first guest in this residence series, artist and Hack the Body partner Marco Donnarumma will host an extensive workshop on Artificial Intelligence prosthesis, do a presentation and will exhibit Amygdala MK3 at Baltan Laboratories.

More information, tickets and the full programme HERE

A short overview of the activities of Marco Donnarumma's Residency: 

March 16, 17, 18 (Natlab)

WORKSHOP: Human-Machine Configurations: Code and design of AI robotic prostheses by Marco Donnarumma and Ana Rajcevic

March 22 - April 26 (Natlab)

EXHIBITION: The Restlessness of Hybridity

March 29 (TAC)

TALKS: Hack the Body