Can we learn from robots about love?

Can we share love with robots? How do we create the perfect environment where people and robots feel safe and loved? How close can we get and how far can we go? ROBOT LOVE explores what love brings us in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

ROBOT LOVE presents a highly topical theme: what does it mean to be human within the context of robotics and AI, and how to preserve certain distinctive qualities as humans merge with machines?

There is already a tendency to see ourselves as quantitative machines. Meanwhile, in order to become human aware, robots need to incorporate typical human qualities. Qualities such as emotion, intuition, and most of all love. Now that human-like machines are entering the domestic sphere, AI may act as a mirror allowing us to delve deeper into ourselves and the current state of society. ROBOT LOVE, combining art, neuroscience, robotics and ethics, is like a inclusive force from the future we cannot yet grasp, but urges us to ask: how can we learn from robots about love?

The large scale exhibition presents the work of 60 international artists working at the cutting edge of art, technology and social change, including Matthew Barney, Roger Hiorns, Hito Steyerl, Philippe Parreno and  LA Raeven. A lavishly illustrated book accompanies the event with a collection of exploratory and persuasive essays by renowned scientists and authors such as Margaret Atwood, Reza Negarestani, Katarina Kolozova and Tobias Revell. Readers are made aware of science fiction becoming science fact at an extremely fast pace. 

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The project will be developed in close collaboration with the Dutch Design Foundation, FNV, Van Abbemuseum, Design Academy, Park Theatre, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University Twente, Summa College a.o. In the following months ROBOT LOVE and BALTAN Laboratories will invite four artists for residencies in Eindhoven. Their lectures and workshops will deepen our understanding of the near future.

A factsheet with concrete update on the status of the project - partners, funds, sponsors - is available.
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Various locations in Eindhoven, 15 September - 2 December 2018

Robot Love Academy