This is why you need to visit ROBOT LOVE during the Dutch Design Week

A foodhall, live music, cheap and delicious food, art performances and the amazing Do-Expo for kids. During the Dutch Design Week, ROBOT LOVE has more to offer than just the Expo Experience visit.
The ROBOT LOVE expo experience, which will be opened 11:00 to 18:00 (on Friday till 21:00) every day during the Dutch Design Week (20-28 October) also offers other activities and events outside of the opening times.


ROBOT LOVE’s event space is the place to hang out during your day trip. The foodcourt offers delicious food from local caterers such as ChokBites, Duurzame Kost and de Genneper Hoeve.

There will be exclusive art events, installations and performances, such as the Cyborg Catwalk, the robot InMoov which will take on a role as a fortuneteller, and of course, the E.E.G. Kiss by Lancel & Maat will be there! Access to the event space is free during the DDW.


Children will be able to be entertained all day as well, at the ‘ROBOTS’ Do-Expo. In the special ROBO-lab they will wear a lab coat, safety glasses and a chip-tattoo. Here they can fix robots and do exercises to learn to program (themselves) and create robots. Lots of fun!
(This event is in Dutch, but English-speaking children are of course very welcome)


For a nice drink, you should visit the Robot Café, which has a Tokyo-inspired vending machine wall. Drink a fresh Budels beer or have a bottle of Exota lemonade. This is the place to meet up, as during the DDW there will often be live music played. Details about these events we published soon. Follow us on our social media ( to stay up to date!

Dutch Design Week: 20 – 28 October

ROBOT LOVE Exposition: every day from 11:00 to 18:00 and Friday the 26th of October until 21:00

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